Praise for the FBAC


The FBA Core training is a great first step in understanding the dynamics of consulting to family businesses. It covers topics that are often not talked about within family businesses or the skills are misapplied. Galliard FBA Core training brings an awareness of underlying issues consultants will face. – Tim Schaefer, Cleveland 2015


The Galliard approach to consulting with small firms, especially family-run businesses, goes beyond the superficial analysis of most approaches to achieve a deep understanding of the business and its ownership. I highly recommend their training. – Stacey Jarrett Wagner, Cleveland 2015


This is the first training I’ve taken that focuses on the psychology and personal dynamics, versus the business analytics aspect. I found the material extremely beneficial. – Harriet Parker, Chicago 2015


Family Business Core Training provides several techniques for building trust with your client, in what can be a very sensitive situation. I know they will be helpful in coaching clients facing the transition of their business. – Sybil Ege, Chicago 2015


I learned several excellent tools for consulting and building trust with clients! – Lisa Kenney, Chicago 2015


The Galliard Family Business Core Training offered much insight on how to approach the many family and closely held businesses that will be transitioning in the next few years. The Galliard national network is a key component to providing the services these companies need. – Dan Kippley, Chicago 2015


The materials presented and knowledge gained will definitely enhance my abilities to more effectively interact with my clients. – Reza Maleki, Fargo 2015


I enjoyed going through the Harris Family case study as a team. I felt it really helped put the lessons of the session into practice. – Scott Doxey, Atlanta 2015


This is definitely one of those stand out programs where the training and materials are wonderfully crafted. The most impactful learning provided during this program is the emphasis on soft skills that are critical to building trust with the client. Outstanding training for any staff person who sells, consults and interacts with a client. – Daniel Curtis, Little Rock 2015


What I liked most about the Family Business Advisor Core Training Program was how the focus remained solidly on the client. By focusing the training on what the client needs to learn so they can grow their business and have increased success when passing it on to future generations, the Galliard Family Business Advisor Institute has created a win win for both the client and the advisor. -Gary Kieper, Little Rock 2015


I wish I had known about this group years ago. Much of what I learned in training affirmed that my training in social sciences has tremendous value when working with family business advising. FBA is a wonderful link between business and social sciences that more universities should make their students aware of to enhance student’s job prospects after graduation. – Marta Collier, Little Rock 2015


Great to see other MEPs as part of the group. Also really liked the real world examples and case study exercises. – Joe Toraggo, Chicago 2015


Praise for Lisë Stewart and the FBAC


The FBAC Training really focuses on the core competencies for working with family businesses. The content is very valuable and the class interaction truly enriched the entire process. Lisë’s facilitation was outstanding and made for a very inspiring experience. I highly recommend this training. – Diane McNally, Ph.D., Cleveland 2015


A well balanced course that appeals to all learning styles! I particularly liked the amount of encouraged class participation, case work, idea sharing and in particular Lisë’s ability to add some customization to the areas that were of particular interest to our group. An amazing time. I can’t stop raving about it to members of my firm! – Katie Cheesmond, Atlanta 2015

I thoroughly enjoyed the experience. I walked away with much enthusiasm and I am excited about the possible opportunities with this certification. Lisë Stewart from Galliard is an amazing speaker. She is energetic, and so extremely knowledgeable on the subject. We thoroughly enjoyed her presentation and interaction with all the participants. – Donna Zincone, Atlanta 2015


This training is a must for anyone working with family businesses. Very eye opening and lots of useful tools and takeaways. Lisë is an extraordinary facilitator and has a great depth of knowledge in this area. Thoroughly enjoyed our 2 days together! – Lisa Te Slaa, Chicago 2015


Lisë did a masterful job of covering a significant amount of material in a relatively short time. And she did so with grace and humor, and in a way that fully engaged the entire group. – Thomasina Williams, Fargo 2015


Lisë delivers a hands-on program that allows the participant to understand and participate regardless of the experience level. Her passion and dedication to small family business in incredible and infectious. Truly a professional and dynamic program. – Tony Richards, Fargo 2015


Lisë delivers a very professional and real life training for advisors working with family business clients. She does an excellent job making participants feel comfortable with the process and relating to individuals at their level of development. – Beth Adamson, Fargo 2015


Lisë is an excellent presenter. She keeps you on the edge of your seat wanting more and more information. – Mickey Yeager, Little Rock 2015


Lisë is a gifted and inspiring facilitator. She brings excellence to any subject she speaks on. Her passion for helping family businesses is clearly evident and contagious. – Keith Gammill, Little Rock 2015