The Family Business Advisor Institute

The Galliard Family Business Advisor Institute is a membership organization. Together, we’re actively promoting collaboration in practice, continuity in service, and philosophy and coverage across the nation and beyond.

  • Collaboration:  We have created a national network of people who are passionate about family businesses and who are willing to collaborate to bring a wide range of experts together to meet the needs of the clients that they serve.  The strong focus of collaboration is a truly unique feature of our organization and our national network.
  • Continuity:  We focus on continuity in purpose, philosophy and practice – with the key principles of change with dignity and honoring both the family and the business. We continually refine our practice, add more robust tools and training, and commit to providing service and support to our members.
  • Coverage: We are building local, national, and international coverage – to ensure that any small business, regardless of how rural and remote, can get access to the help they need to survive and thrive through the important transitions in ownership, leadership and growth.  We support a virtual army of advisors across the country.

We are a collaborative network of committed and passionate individuals who share a mission-driven purpose to make a difference in the lives of millions of small businesses. We believe our combined impact leaves the world in a better place and that is worth celebrating!

Why join?

We are creating a collective that is committed to ongoing education. It is through everybody’s contribution that the Galliard FBA Institute can undertake the research and provide the education, knowledge and information that we all need to help this target market. We want to help you build your skills, expand your network and grow your practice to maximize our collective reach. The FBA Institute provides the forum to make it easier, faster and more affordable.

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I feel I have a new network to leverage and through those relationships the potential of future business.
Jennifer Fry, MA, Advantage Development Consulting, LLC