The Galliard Way

The Galliard Way is a method of working with clients in a manner that is respectful, encouraging, and professional. With the focus squarely on the best interests of the business, we recognize the importance of making the experience positive and hopeful.

  • We believe in the inherent value of family businesses as the foundation of the world’s economy.
  • We believe in integrating BOTH the needs of the family and the needs of the business to realize the organization’s potential– and all parties know and understand the delicate balance between the two.
  • We believe all family businesses, regardless of size, should have access to the help they need to survive, thrive and transition successfully.
  • We believe in honoring the hard work of founders and each generation for their care and contribution to their stakeholders.
  • We believe that family businesses deserve to have a trusted advisor that helps orchestrate the process, integrate the services and simplify the complexity of transition.
  • We believe in working in the best interest of the business to keep them alive and thriving, while honoring the owner and family.

A successful, well planned transition will provide opportunities for enrichment and joy and the chance to change the course of one’s life with dignity.
Lisë Stewart, Founder, Galliard