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The Galliard Excellence Award recognizes and honors small family-owned and closely-held businesses that are demonstrating excellence in an integrated approach to business by recognizing the balance between the needs of family and the needs of business. Galliard recognizes and honors companies that have carefully and thoughtfully managed business transitions while taking into consideration the care, dignity, and respect for the parties involved.

The family-owned and closely-held businesses receiving the Galliard Excellence Award will have:

  • Developed a timeline and taken steps to ensure the business can survive and thrive during a change in ownership.
  • Recognized what the current owners will need to accomplish in order to successfully achieve an acceptable return on their lifetime investment.
  • Created and shared strategic plans that will guide the business through the transition and help create a clear roadmap of how the business will operate to reach its goals.
  • Established processes to provide for the governance of the company – both from the family and the business perspectives.
  • Taken steps to ensure that successors have been thoughtfully prepared for their new role in the business.

In doing these things Galliard believes small and family-owned businesses have a better chance at retaining the legacy, which founded the company and has served its families. Likewise they will have provided for the employees and communities that rely on their successful transition.

Companies receiving the Galliard Excellence Award will have wisely chosen to be assisted by trusted advisors. During their work with a Galliard Family Business Advisor, the honored company will have drawn on the wide variety of services, experts, and advocates that are needed to successfully make a generational shift.

The Galliard Excellence Award is given to those companies nominated by a Galliard Family Business Advisors. Nominations will be accepted from June 1st to August 30, 2015 and the selected business will be honored at the annual Galliard National Gathering.

Advisors, please use the online form below to submit your nomination for the Award.

It is important that the Advisor work with their client to develop the submission and ensure that the client is comfortable and has given permission to share this information.

The winner of the Award will be announced in the program and will be invited to address the Gathering in a short 30-minute presentation. The nominating Advisor may join their winning business in this presentation.

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